Photo by the great Barbara Poetzl

Martin Mischkulnig was born in 1969 in Adelaide, South Australia to Austrian immigrant parents.
His best memories of childhood were riding his Yamaha motorbike through the endless desert landscape behind his parent’s outback roadside motel.

A pervading theme in his work is that of situating people in their environments reaffirming their place in the world, this comes from a deep belief that people are shaped by their surroundings. Of late his passion for architectural photography has brought him numerous prestigious commissions.

To compliment his photography he has recently completed a Postgraduate of Film Studies (M.A.) at Staffordshire University and the Raindance Film School, London.

‘Martin Mischkulnig has a deep, respectful appreciation for the land and its people and an aptitude for noticing the beauty in the places that most would rather politely ignore. His palette, infused with a unique air and tenderness always stands true to his style and the varied personality of landscape. Martin has been exhibited widely around Australia. His books, Collector: A Photographic Collection and Smalltown entail a rare combination of strange beauty infused with a sense of nostalgia - Martin Mischkulnig's photographs transfigure ugliness into art by means of technique and love.'
Mark Tredinnick, Sydney Morning Herald.